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Pre-Planning Options

Pre-planning your funeral can be one of the most significant gifts you give to your family. The guess-work is eliminated and your wishes are honored.

Pre-planned funerals can be set up in a variety of ways, based on what is the most beneficial and desirable to you. 

1. Develop Funeral Plans

Informational only; NO MONEY would be set aside at all.  

2. Installment Payments 

Payment made towards a funeral trust fund or burial insurance policy. 

3. Pre-Paid Funeral

Deposit the full dollar amount for the funeral, guaranteeing the funeral later, at our costs today. If costs increase at a later date, you will not have to pay those increased costs. Your total costs is GUARANTEED at today's prices.

We can send a pre-planning folder which we feel will provide you with some helpful information regarding Funeral pre-planning. Please select CONTACT US and fill out the form.

If you would like to discuss a particular pre-arrangement plan which would be custom tailored to your unique needs and wishes, please call us at your convenience. There are many options. We look forward to hearing from you.

How Pre-planning Works

  1. Purchaser selects the funeral home they wish to work with.
  2. Purchaser meets with Funeral Director.
  3. Purchaser selects desired services and merchandise while reviewing the funeral home's General Price List.
  4. Funeral Director prepares a fully itemized statement and preneed arrangement contract.
  5. Both Funeral Director and purchaser sign the documents.
  6. Purchaser submits a check (if part of pre-plan).
  7. Purchaser receives copies of all of the signed documents and a General Price List for retention.
  8. Funds are placed into a trust.
  9. Within 15 business days, the purchaser will receive a deposit acknowledgement indicating the name of the financial institution where the funds are being held.
  10. Funds are paid directly to the funeral home once the funeral services have been provided.

Note: A General Price List is a list of any merchandise, services and facilities offered by the funeral home at the CURRENT price.

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