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We have Spanish speaking personnel to assist you.

Choosing a Disposition

  • Earth Burial
  • Entombment (Casket placed in an above-ground tomb or mausoleum)
  • Cremation
  • Whole-Body Donation
  • Simple disposition (taken directly to cemetery with a short memorial service.

Costs may include:

  1. Use of the funeral home facilities or facilities of your choice
  2. Motor vehicles
  3. Professional services
  4. Merchandise (casket, vault or graveliner, clothing)

Types of Services

1. Traditional Services

  • Showing of Loved One
  • Visitation for family and friends
  • Cemetery Services

2. Cremation Service Choices

  • Traditional Services with Cremation
  • Cremation with Memorial Service
  • Simple Cremation with no formal service
  • Family may choose to have a private viewing

3. Cemetery Service Choices

  • Simple option with cemetery chapel
  • Simple option with cemetery graveside services only
  • No visitation or viewing

4. Personalized Services

  • May incorporate any unique aspects of the deceased's life
  • Reflect on an interest or hobby to celebrate the life that was lived.

5. Private Family Gathering

  • Private Service attended by only family and invited guests
  • Held at traditional location
  • Any unique gathering throughout the community

6. Global Transferring of Loved One

  • Proper transportation needs if loved one needs to transported to a another location
  • May transfer to any funeral home throughout the world
  • We have experience transferring throughout the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, Poland, Germany, and Costa Rica

Products & Counseling

  • Spanish speaking personnel
  • Variety of caskets, urns and vaults designed to meet your needs
  • Title 19 (our funeral home is a contracted funeral provider with the Department of Human Services, which provides burial benefits for individuals with limited assets or for those who are receiving title 19 type benefits at the time of death.)
  • Social Security
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Rules & Regulations associated with final disposition

 (414) 645-1200

Janssen-Molenda Family Funeral Home and Cremations

Located at :

1019 West Oklahoma Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53215

5325 West Greenfield Avenue

West Milwaukee, WI 53214

General Business Hours:

24 Hours a Day (414) 645-1200

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